Bull Fertility Testing

Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations (BBSE) are a key part of ensuring that your bull team is fit for the task and to minimise the risk of a poor conception rate due to bull failure.

As part of a standard BBSE, the sexual organs (testes/penis) are examined, a semen sample is collected and assessed crush side for motility and  sent to a laboratory for morphology (percentage of normal/abnormal sperm cells) and conformation/structure/gait are assessed.

Additionally, if required as the next level of testing, a serving capacity test can be performed to ensure that the bulls are physically capable of doing the job.

At the same time, we are able to vaccinate bulls for Vibriosis (Campylobacteriosis) which is a venereal disease harboured and spread by bulls causing greatly reduced conception rates. It is recommended that ALL bulls be vaccinated for Vibrio ANNUALLY.

For a more in depth discussion of Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations and the role they play in stud and commercial beef herds please read the article under the Information Sheet menu.