Herd Health & Consultancy

When running livestock, there are rarely 'one size fits all' management strategies and we are always available to discuss with our clients any aspects of their livestock enterprises. We are in an ideal position to advise our producers on what management strategies may work best for them as we are closely involved with a large number of properties and can see first-hand what is and isn't working in certain situations.

Areas in which we may be able to help you maximise your production & profits include but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition - From drought feeding strategies and pre-calving/lambing nutrition to trace element investiations and supplementation and anything in between.
  • Reproduction - When to join? How long to join for? How to manage difficult births? These are all questions which may have differing answers from one production system to the next.
  • Disease Management & Prevention - There are many livestock diseases in the area which can markedly reduce production levels on farm. Together we can try and identify disease processes and the come up with the most cost-effective treatment, management and preventative strategies. Some of these diseases include Bovine Pestivirus (BVDV), Vibriosis, Pinkeye & Ovine Brucellosis.
  • Vaccination Protocols - There are numerous products available for livestock vaccinations however not all of these are required in all operations. We can sit down with you and devise the most appropriate vaccination protocols for your herd/flock.
  • Parasite Control - Internal and external parasites cost the livestock industry huge amounts of money annually with the situation looking to get worse with the continued problem of drench resistance. Before performing often unnecessary drenches, bring a faecal sample in for a Faecal Egg Count, following which we can advise on the best course of action depending on the results.
  • Herd Health Inspections - In many instances a fresh set of eyes may pick out issues that do not stand out to someone who sees the animal almost daily. We can come out and examine your stock to give you an assessment of where they are at and provide advice on how to get them where we want them. This can be especially important at certain stages - e.g. pre-joining for heifers and pre-calving/lambing for pregnant animals