Pregnancy Diagnosis - Cattle

Pregnancy diagnosis is one of the simplest and most cost-effective management tools for producers to identify less productive animals for sale and as such help to increase the overall fertility of their herd as well as redirect precious resources to performing stock. By performing pregnancy testing early in gestation (5 weeks post bull removal), empty cows can be identified, fattened if possible and sold as soon as possible - potentially saving 4+ months of feed before they would be identified otherwise.

Pregnancy testing and foetal ageing can also be used strategically at certain times to tighten joining periods by identifying those pregnant earlier in the joining period or later in gestation if producers are wanting to induce calving in mobs of problem heifers.

Pregnancy diagnosis can be carried out either manually (by hand) or with the use of rectal ultrasound. Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages in certain situations, therefore the most accurate form of pregnancy diagnosis is by using a combination of the two. We currently have four ultrasound machines which we generally use as a first option in most situations however our vets are all trained in manual preg testing and will always have a glove on for those few cattle in which the ultrasound cannot visualise enough so that we can check them manually - thereby ensuring the greatest accuracy for our producers.

We are also accredited examiners in the Australian Cattle Veterinarians PregCheck scheme allowing pregnancy tail tags to be applied.